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The Youth of Bamiyan, Afghanistan Voice their Hearts to Obama and Humanity


Is there anyone who would allow us to exercise our human ability to decide for ourselves?


This is the voice of the youth of Bamiyan, Afghanistan.


Where is human dignity, the lack of which always drags Mankind towards degradation?


The meaning and understanding of humanity has been buried in the black well of self-absorption and selfishness.


3 decades of war and violence in Afghanistan has repeated to us that the word humanity has no value and whispered in our ears that the technology that brings ease and comfort and the creative abilities of Man are just for show.


If humanity had not vanished, this period of reckoning for the future of Afghanistan would at least ask what the people of Afghanistan want. Today, the youth of Bamiyan, Afghanistan have questions in our hearts and minds that have not been answered all these years.


Are there no other solutions for Afghanistan besides bloodshed, fire and military dispatches?


When President Obama decided to send 17,000 US troops to Afghanistan, don’t the people of Afghanistan have a right to be asked if they are agree with his decision?


Don’t those who work against humanity believe that they will die one day and that nothing but hate would be left in their places?


Don’t the world’s political leaders, who claim verbally to uphold justice, hear the voice of the tired, hungry and barefooted children of Afghanistan?


Should Ahmadinejad, Putin, Ehud Barak and Obama have the right to decide the fate of millions of human beings? Who ARE they?


Would all the leaders of the world one day be found by all schools, universities  and institutions of learning to have had the lawful right to treat human dignity so harshly?


Can’t Mankind find itself through his thoughts and through technology? Or would technology only be useful for the annihilation of Mankind?


Why must the worth of human beings be sacrificed to ideologies?


Is war the only solution to eradicate violence?


Can any meaning of democracy be found in the current global situation and actions?


What will humanity mean in this century?


Where would humanity go with her current policies?


Till when must the youth of Afghanistan choke, cry and hold hate in their hearts?


Is our ultimate sin just that we are human?


Till we understand, whoever is involved in our fate, whatever the eventual fate of humanity, and whoever will devour our country in the future, we await your thoughts, our friends and our fellow human beings.


Najib Ekhloqi

Bamiyan, Afghanistan

صدای جوانان بامیان برای اوباما و بشریات



آیا کسانی هستند که وجهی یک انسان را که خود درتصمیم سرنوشت شان دخیل باشند برای ما قایل شوند ؟


این صدای جوانان بامیان است .


کجاشد آن کرامت انسانی که نبود آن همواره  بشریت را به انحطاط کشانده است . ومعنی ومفهوم انسانیت را به سیاه چاه خودبینی وخودپسندی مدفون ساخته است .


سه دهه جنگ وخشونت درافغانستان برای ما چنین جمله راتکرارکرده اند که انسانیت واژه نا کارآمدی بیش نیست وچنین درگوش ضعیفان نجوا کرده اند که  تکنالوژی است که رفاه وآسایش را فراهم میسازد وقدرت خلاقیت بشر را به نمایش میگذارد .

اگرمفهوم انسانیت نا پدید نمی شد درین مدت برای تعیین سرنوشت مردم افغانستان حد اقل ازآنا ن خواسته میشد  که چه میخواهید ؟

وامروزما جوانان بامیان سوالات را درذهن ما داریم که سالها پاسخ نیافته است :

  • آیا بجای این همه خون وآتش واعزام سربازان به افغانستان راه دیگروجود ندارد ؟
  • آقای اوباما وقتی طرحی اعزام 17 هزارسرباز را به افغانستان مینمانید ، آیا مردم افغانستان این حق را ندارند که یکبار ازآنان بپرسند که چه میخواهند ؟
  • آیا هر شخص انسان ستیز به این باورندارند که یکروزی می میرند وهیچ چیزی بجزتنفر ازآن بجا نمی ماند ؟
  • آیا رهبران سیاسی جهان که شعارعدالت بر زبان دارند صدای خسته اطفال شکم گرسنه وپا برهنه افغانستان را نمی شنود ؟
  • آیا احمدی نژاد ، ولادیمیر پوتین ، ایهود باراک واوباما این حق را دارند که درمورد سرنوشت ملیون ها انسان تصمیم بگیرند ؟
  • آنها که هستند ؟
  • آیا همه رهبران سیاسی  جهان یکروزدرمکتب ودانشگاه با واژه بنام انسانیت برنخورده است که اینگونه درحق کرامت انسان جفا روا میدارند ؟
  • آیا بشر با تفکرش به انواع تکنولوژی ها دست نیافته اند؟  ودست یابی به تکنولوژی فقط برای نابودی بشریت بکار انداخته میشود ؟
  • چرا ارزش های انسانی قربانی ایدولوژی ها میشود ؟
  • آیا برای رفع خشونت فقط  جنگ راه حل است ؟
  • آیا درشرایط کنونی جهان وعملکردهای رهبران سیاسی دموکراسی معنی دارد ؟
  • انسان درین قرن یعنی چه ؟
  • با این پالیسی جهان به کجا خواهد رفت ؟
  • ما جوانان افغان تاکی بغض درگلو ، اشک درچشم ، تنفر درقلب بسر بریم ؟
  • آخر گناه ما جوانان افغانستان فقط انسان بودن است ؟

برای اینکه بدانیم که وچه کسانی درتعیین سرنوشت ما دخیل اند وچه سر نوشت درانتظار انسانیت است وآینده کشورما چگونه وبدست چه کسانی رقم خواهد خورد ، منتظر نظریات شما دوستان میباشیم .

نجیب الله اخلاقی – بامیان

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Aman from Afghanistan wrote on 21/2/2009 :
‘I would like to join our journey to smile,
because it take long time we people had no oppertunity to smile because of the war.’
Florence from Singapore wrote on 23/2/2009 :

The Our Journey to Smile video has warmed my heart and lifted my spirits; that despite the strife and tribulations out there, love radiates from their smiles. Please let them know that they are a beautiful people 🙂


Letter to Palestinian Dr Izzeldeen from Afghan youth
February 24, 2009, 8:17 am
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dr-izzeldeenDr Izzeldeen

Dr Izzeldeen lost 3 daughters and a niece in the Gaza conflict. He says that he still believes in peace. He said that his family was only armed with love and education.

Afghan youth in Bamiyan and all in Our Journey to Smile humbly wish to put the SMILE back on Dr Izzeldeen’s face.

Dear Dr Izzeldeen,

We, the youth of Bamiyan Afghanistan, grieve with you.

We know from personal firsthand experiences that grief is permanent and inconsolable.

As difficult as this grief is Mankind’s disappointment in the obstinate, undignified in-humanity of the few fellow human beings who would kill LOVE, again and again.

War and violence kills LOVE, again and again.

raziq-and-abdulRaziq and Abdul

15-year-old Raziq and 12-year-old Abdul would like to specially comfort you using a poignant Afghan phrase, “Our ‘liver is bleeding’ with you (we are intensely sad with you).”

Ba-AmAn KhudA (wishing you the peace and protection of God),

Our Journey to Smile


Swat-style truce acceptable
February 24, 2009, 8:10 am
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robert-m-gates Robert Gates

Pakistan Swat-style truce in Afghanistan acceptable

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on 20/2/2009 that Washington could accept a political agreement between the Afghan government and the Taliban if the insurgents will lay down their arms and accept the government’s terms.

Afghans Want Peace video
February 23, 2009, 3:38 pm
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The Afghan’s journey to smile video
February 23, 2009, 3:26 pm
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NATO and US in dilemma over Afg
February 21, 2009, 10:40 am
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21/2/2009 Nato Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer has said that failure in Afghanistan is “not an option” but he ruled out a military solution alone. “We should not be under any illusion there is a military solution,” he said.

Kyrgyz MPs have voted to close a key US base supplying troops in
Afghanistan. The Manas base in Kyrgyzstan is used by thousands of US soldiers every month on their way to and from Afghanistan.

2009 Journey Updates خبر نو
February 19, 2009, 12:19 pm
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  • President Barack Obama’s wish for peace in Afghanistan in his inauguration speech on 20th Jan 2009


‘ We will begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people, and forge a hard-earned peace in Afghanistan.

We cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall someday pass; that the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve; that as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself.’

President Barack Obama has ordered an interagency review to examine U.S. policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan before a NATO summit in April 09.

18/2/2009 President Barack Obama has authorised the deployment of up to 17,000 extra US troops to Afghanistan, saying they are to “meet urgent security needs”.

The deployment will be made up of 8,000 marines, and 4,000 army soldiers, plus another 5,000 support staff. They will serve in the south of Afghanistan, where the violence has been worst. They will also arrive ahead of the national elections in August, a crucial time for Afghanistan.

The increase “is necessary to stabilise a deteriorating situation in Afghanistan“, Mr Obama said. “The Taleban is resurgent in Afghanistan, and al-Qaeda supports the insurgency and threatens America from its safe-haven along the Pakistani border,” he said.

Afghanistan, he said, “has not received the strategic attention, direction and resources it urgently requires”.

“I recognise the extraordinary strain that this deployment places on our troops and military families,” the president said.

The announcement came after the UN said that the number of civilians killed in the conflict in Afghanistan rose by 39% last year.

Militants were to blame for 55% of the 2,118 civilian deaths, while US, Nato and Afghan forces were responsible for 39%, according to the UN report – the highest number since the Taleban were ousted in 2001


‘There is tension between us and the US government on issues of civilian casualties, arrests of Afghans, nightly raids on homes and the casualties they cause,’ Karzai said.




US President Barack Obama’s envoy to Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, has said that winning the conflict there will be “much tougher” than in Iraq. He told a conference in Munich: ‘I have never seen anything like the mess we have inherited. It is like no other problem we have confronted .’

‘But until we prove capable – with the help of our allies and Afghan partners – of safeguarding the population, we will never know a peaceful, prosperous Afghanistan.’ Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

War kills Our Smile

War kills Man’s Dignity

  • Desmond Tutu’s message to Obama 19/2/2009


Archbishop Desmond Tutu has warned Barack Obama of the risk of squandering the goodwill he says the US president’s election has generated.


‘Most of us do want to see peace. ‘

He says it would be “wonderful” if Mr Obama apologised for the invasion of Iraq.

“The Bush Administration managed to rile people everywhere. Its bully-boy attitude sadly polarised our world,” he says.

‘When war began, first in Afghanistan and not long after in Iraq, we read allegations of prisoner abuse at Bagram air base in Afghanistan and of rendition to countries notorious for practising torture. We saw the horrific images from Abu Ghraib and learned of gruesome acts performed in the name of gathering information. Sometimes the torture itself was couched in the US government’s euphemisms – calling waterboarding an “interrogation technique”. ‘

‘Going forward, as we strive to create a stable, prosperous world for all, we need to work together with other nations for justice, equity and peace. We need to believe that the values of fairness and compassion are not only yours and mine; they are shared by all humanity. ‘


  • Russia and Peace in Afghanistan


‘We were there for 10 years and we lost more than 14,000 soldiers, but what was the result? Nothing. We wanted to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan, but in fact everything got worse.’ Lt Gen ( retd ) Ruslan Aushev.

‘The conflict cannot be solved by military means, it’s an illusion. No-one can reach any political goal in Afghanistan relying on military force. Frankly speaking, they are doomed to repeat our mistakes,’ says Col Oleg Kulakov, who served twice in Afghanistan and is now a lecturer and historian in Moscow.

  • Other peace building activities in Bamiyan planned for 2009

a. Building of Bamiyan City Peace Park

Bamiyan Peace Park will be a green area in Bamiyan City Centre that will provide a platform for youth, women, children and travellers to promote the development of a civil society through income generating, peace building and artistic activities.

The people of Bamiyan wish to build this park by their own independent means, through the participation of all its people, without the help of foreign funds. This will be a park built by the people, for the future peace and development of their country.


Allocated Bamiyan City Peace Park site


Bamiyan Youth Volunteers at the Peace Park Site


Bamiyan Governor Sarobi at Peace Park ground-breaking ceremony 2008

b. Establishment of Reconciliation Committee

When established, it will be the first such Reconciliation Committee in Afghanistan.