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Need Afghans respond at all to Obama’s New Afghan policy?
March 28, 2009, 8:25 am
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US rethinks Afghanistan strategy

BBC 28/03/09

Flanked by military and civilian members of his top foreign policy team, President Barack Obama unveiled his eagerly awaited policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He said growing radical forces in the area posed the greatest threat to the American people and the world.

He said an extra 4,000 US personnel would train and bolster the Afghan army and police, and he would also provide support for civilian development.

Need Afghans respond at all to Obama’s new Afghan policy?

Need we at all?

Need we, Afghan youth who crave for peace, respond at all to Obama’s far-away decision over us, to send 4000 more human beings to train other human beings to kill even more human beings?

Need we ask any questions at all, since we are confident that whatever games are played in history, the love and conscience that sits in the kinder and less self-absorbed depths of every human heart, can change the devious adults in the very same hearts, and that this humane humanity can no longer be hidden?

Can a grave hide death, the snow hide spring and the sky hide space?

Our Journey to Smile


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