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Aren’t ordinary Afghans both physically and vocally suffocated?‎
April 5, 2009, 11:15 am
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Afghan ‘smuggling bid’ youths die

Al Jazeera 05/04/2009

More than 60 Afghans, mainly children and youths, have been found dead after suffocating inside a shipping container in southwestern Pakistan in an apparent human smuggling attempt.

The physical suffocation of these Afghan youth seeking a better life is just as sad and devastating as the suffocation of the Voices of Afghan youth living in Afghanistan who are also seeking a more humane life.

Will ANYONE listen?

Will ANYONE listen to ordinary Afghan youth before they get suffocated?

Have you heard a SINGLE ordinary Afghan’s wish yet, while all of the world leaders and all of media talk about what non-Afghans want for Afghanistan?

The Voice of peace and humanity has a historical, present and future need to be heard.

This is why, unfortunately or otherwise, there will be protesters everywhere.

Un-healthy anger is accumulating because Systems have not addressed the majority’s genuine concerns sufficiently.

The state of international relations, as well as individual and community lives, needs to CHANGE.

We, unfortunately, cannot bring that CHANGE about through the status quo, far less through a fellow human being like Obama.

And we can’t get there through anger.

We need every individual to START by STOPPING, STOPPING to LISTEN, not to a few individuals, but to ordinary HUMANITY.

We humbly and quietly suggest that, as an example, while A FEW WORLD LEADERS are deciding the near future of Afghanistan, we can start by HEARING, and this is not even listening yet, to the ordinary wishes of ordinary Afghan youth.

Aren’t Afghans human beings?


Do Afghan children need to respond at all to Obama’s and NATO’s new Afghan policy?


Perhaps, then, ordinary humanity can begin growing.


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