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Afghan college students appeal to UN Racism Conference for peace and humanity ‎
April 19, 2009, 12:04 pm
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US boycotts racism conference

Al Jazeera and BBC 19/04/09

The United States has said it will not attend an United Nations conference on racism because the text of the draft final statement contains language it is “unable to support”, the state department says.

Australia and Canada have also chosen not to attend.

Multiethnic Afghan college students appeal to UN Racism Conference members for peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, humanity, friendship, brotherhood and love.


Below is a text of their appeal in the video.

Afghan college students appeal to UN Racism Conference for peace and humanity


I am Mohammad Salim, a student of Bamiyan University and a Tajik. The ruined city you see behind is a historical city of Afghanistan where Ghenghis Khan once ruled.We request the UN Conference members that they’ll bring about a world civilization of honour and peace, of close, warm friendships and brotherhood.

I am Mariam. I’m Hazara, a citizen of Afghanistan and a citizen of the world. We understand that every human has a mother who wishes for her children goodness, happiness and peace. We request the UN Conference for reconciliation, peace and brotherhood because being humane brings true civilization to Mankind.

I’m Amin and I’m Pushtoon. Through history, Mankind has been hurting each other. We should now forgive one another. We wish from the UN members for compassion and forgiveness, that’s all.

I’m Abdul Wahab, I’m Uzbek and I’m a student at Bamiyan University. Discrimination is destroying the world. We ask the UN Conference, for the whole world, to bring peace, security, friendship and love. Thank you!

Thanks and Peace! سلامت باشین!



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