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Al Jazeera Your Views Obama and the war on ‘terror’ Our Great Deception in the ‎current Culture of War

Al Jazeera has published a comment from Our Journey to Smile in Al Jazeera Your Views, under a discussion on Obama and the war on ‘terror’.

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As a candidate for president, Barack Obama promised a new direction in the US ‘war on terror’. But to what extent has the Obama administration really turned its back on the policies of the Bush era? And just what will it take to dismantle the Bush administration’s legacy? Send us your views.

Our Journey to Smile’s comment on 26/4/2009

Al Jazeera Added: Sunday, 26 April 2009, 10:40 AM Mecca time, 07:40 AM GMT


Razina frustration?

Subiega Rage?

Alabama John 1.4 trillion?

A L Washington taxpayer money?

Max SFO we grew this movement ourselves with our tax money?

Ed LA the biggest guns and the most money? Power and Greed will always be above Morality and Dissent?

Brett south amboy we dont know how to make peace?

Aren’t we equal humans who share in every hand that kills & every mother’s pain?

Can’t we ‘ordinary humans’ do anything to halt the abysmal grief, anger and frustration of violent war that is deeply incongruent with every human’s conscience?

Don’t we all understand grief when my farmer friend Khamad of Afg voices, “My father was killed by war. Where is humanity in America’s 83 billion+ war”?

Can’t we ‘ordinary humans’ gather to grieve for & build peace without partisan or religious biases?

Our Journey to Smile, Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Our Journey to Smile’s comment on 23/4/2009


Mankind’s Culture of War is not only Bush’s legacy. It is ours. So it is for us to ‎‎dismantle it, person by person. We understand humanity’s angry frustration in views and ‎‎protests everywhere because War is deeply incongruent with every human’s conscience, our ‎‎conscience, and Obama’s. So, it has to change.

And not from the Obama admin or other structures. Structures don’t change hearts. It is through structures of pride, hate and finances, under different Names, that Man has perfected the Culture of War.

Our Great Deception in the Global Great Game believes naively that we can find safe zones in shelling, creativity in cluster ammunition, humanity in human shields, mercy in ‎‎manipulative politics, reliability in rhetoric, foreign aid in hurling even more foreign money ‎‎and sigh..a Great Sigh, dignity in the destruction of fellow human beings.

The few of us in Afghanistan refuse further self-deception. Terror cannot drive out terror! ‎‎Only a humane love can.

Al Jazeera Added: Thursday, 23 April 2009, 09:40 PM Mecca time, 06:40 PM GMT

I am afraid that you are right, Our Journey to Smile, Bamiyan, Afghanistan. If we so often say and speak such loud words of peace, then we should have peace by now. I remember from my own experience from my own childhood in the Christian churches – every Christmas, we all sing beautiful songs of ‘peace on earth – good will toward men’, the Pope gets up and speaks words to everyone about peace, but it has not happened for about 2,000 years, and by the time New Year is here there is a new and more violent war elsewhere – so is maybe something wrong with this picture, or shall we continue? – the choice is yours, choose wisely …

Leonard, Raymond, New Hampshire, United States

OJTS reply published on 290409


Added: Monday, 27 April 2009, 10:29 AM Mecca time, 07:29 AM GMT

Dear Leonard & Raymond of New Hampshire, you wrote on 23/4 : If we so often say and speak such loud words of peace, then we should have peace by now… it has not happened for about 2,000 years.

Isn’t it sad?

Doesn’t it prove the old adage that action speaks louder than words?

In the past 2000 years, hasn’t ‘love your enemies’ practically meant ‘hate your enemies’? And ‘religions of peace’ have practically meant ‘religions of war’?

Is there a Global Humanity Crisis now worse than the Global Financial Crisis?

Can’t ordinary human beings do anything to stop this abysmal in-humanity and build peace in the civilization of Mankind’s hearts?

Thanks and Peace!


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