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US ‘losing control’ in Afghanistan : does hate end hate?‎


Al Jazeera News 290409 US ‘losing control’ in Afghanistan

Richard Armitage, a former US deputy secretary of state, told Al Jazeera,” The situation in Afghanistan may be spinning out of control more quickly than we are gaining control and it’s of course exacerbated by their next-door neighbour Pakistan.”

He also said Barack Obama, Bush’s successor, got it “a little backwards” sending thousands of extra troops to Afghanistan before his administration completed a review of US policy on the region.

BBC News 290409 Brown to Unveil Afghan startegy

Gordon Brown is to outline to the Commons the government’s revised strategy for the war in Afghanistan, following his visit to the country.

He is expected to say Pakistan – which was also on his tour – must be part of a solution to Afghanistan’s problems.

Mr Brown has spoken of a “chain of terror” linking the region to the UK.

The so-called “Af-Pak” solution is likely to echo US President Obama’s new policy unveiled in March.

BBC News 290409 Australia boosting Afghan force

Australia is to send an additional 450 troops to Afghanistan because of what Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called the deteriorating security situation there.

The announcement is also a response to diplomatic pressure from US President Barack Obama for America’s allies to increase their contribution.

The troops will be used to help train the Afghan army and provide security for August’s presidential election.

About 1,100 Australian troops are already in Afghanistan.

Al Jazeera Your Views What now for Afghanistan?

Al Jazeera header

Barack Obama, the US president, has praised Nato allies for agreeing to send 5,000 extra military personnel to Afghanistan. Shortly after taking office in January, Obama pledged to send 21,000 more troops to Afghanistan and is reportedly considering sending 10,000 more. What are the biggest challenges facing Afghanistan and how can these be tackled? Will additional troops help to bring peace and stability?

OJTS comment published on 290409


Added: Monday, 27 April 2009, 08:20 AM Mecca time, 05:20 AM GMT

Big challenges Part 1( can’t say biggest challenges and sorry, need 2 parts for this )

1. Global Great Game of ‘Buzkashi’ ( goat-grabbing Afghan horse game ) in a Global Culture of War and Self-Deception. Afg is the beheaded goat & there are as many foreign players as there are local. Normalized violence, extremism, terrorism, ‘imperialism’..

2. Incorruptible corruption, including military and police. Challenge is to stop the agenda-filled foreign money that’s feeding this monster.

3. Opium : UN said on 19/3/09 that it has lost the war of drugs.

4. Crippling dependence on foreign aid, not independence. This brings creative lying and cheating from both ‘aider’ and ‘aided’ and has led to an almost total lack of self-help and industry. Another Africa aid story.

Big Challenges Part 2

5. Practically zero voice from the 30 million ordinary Afghans, who are tired of war and wish for peace. In the past month, have you heard ANY Afghan voice in this AJ forum or all major media?

How does a foreign trooper improve the Great Game or help the corrupt and drugged system? He doesn’t even understand a word of what Afghans are saying and if he does through an interpreter, he’s most likely to hear lies on which he does his guesswork.

Can’t we ordinary human beings do anything about this abysmal ‘in-humanity’?

What on earth and in heaven has happened to us, to Mankind?


Added: Tuesday, 28 April 2009, 11:13 PM Mecca time, 08:13 PM GMT


Our Journey to Smile, Bamiyan, Afghanistan : Thank you for your post ! Yes there is something that we can do. We can join together as those of all nations that are enlightened and demand that every person – man – women – or child : is guaranteed by every government on earth with the freedoms enunciated by the Bill of Rights of The United States of America. These rights are not American, Iranian, or Cuban. They are the rights of everyone and any individual, of any government, that violates those rights should be held accountable by the International Criminal Court. WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT – THAT ALL PEOPLE OF EARTH ARE CREATED EQUAL : PEACE AND PROSPERITY TO ALL OF OUR SISTERS AND BROTHERS OF EARTH

Fred F. Jones, Pueblo, United States


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