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Swine Flu Pandemic is Imminent UN WHO fears : ‎The War Pandemic a greater threat to humanity than the Swine Flu Pandemic


The War Pandemic a greater threat to humanity than the Swine Flu Pandemic

I’m a doctor and support the most rigorous measures necessary to control H1N1 Influenza A Swine Flu virus. The loss of EVERY life is a loss to humanity.

It is wonderful that the world has not been silent with this influenza threat.

I pray someone would listen to a threat that has been silent. Listen to silence.

I live and work in the midst of the War Pandemic, among Afghans in Afghanistan.

We should not be silent with the War threat either, which, just reading BBC News Front Page on 30/4/2009 updated at 0650 GMT, claimed 256 lives.

WHO rightly fears that a Swine Flu Pandemic is ‘imminent’. The War Pandemic is ‘present’.

The War Pandemic is also a human to human transmitted disease.

It is spread when a human gives an order Incongruent with all Human Consciences and Civilizations, the order to fight, to kill.

It is more than a mutation.

It is no respecter of persons.

Like H1N1, it verifies Man’s common Mortality by mercilessly speeding it up.

We ordinary Afghan youth have been paralyzed by this War Pandemic all our lives.

We wish to run away but we can’t seem to quarantine ourselves!

We cry, “God, save us!” but God seems to say, “Humanity can save herself!”

We cry, “Stop! We’re tired of war and want peace!” But, no human seems to hear us.

No one listens to the ordinary Voice of Peace, drowned by the voices of a few powerful fellow human beings who have caught this subtle illness that is tearing humanity apart. Tearing humanity apart…. Tearing us apart……

Will you grieve as much for those of us who may be killed by war soon, as much as the world is grieving for those killed by the H1N1 virus?

We plead with humanity not to forget. Please. Please don’t forget.

For tomorrow, as you keep updated on the Swine Flu Pandemic statistics, some of us may have already succumbed to the War Pandemic statistics.

Can’t ordinary human beings do something to end this War Pandemic, this global in-humanity, this New Global Great Game, this Global Culture of War?

If this grief doesn’t make sense to you, then at least, remember us in our silence and our inconsolable regret.

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people. ” Martn Luther King Jr

Thanks and Peace!

Dr Hakim/Young



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