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A donkey’s new life and death in Afghanistan

a donkey's life in Afg

Please watch ‘A donkey’s new life and death in Afghanistan


Ainullah, where did you get it from?

This..from Andalip.

Where is its mother?

At Andalip’s house.

It bites.

How old is it?

I don’t know.

Or how many months old?

I don’t know.

It’s a foal.



It feeds on fodder and water.

One eye is blind.


Don’t know.. ‘a flower fell’ or what ( cataract )?

What will you do with it?

This..we brought it…

We’ll feed it water & fodder

Then, my dad will kill it for the dog

You’ll kill it?

Yes, he’ll kill it

Eh..don’t bite.

You’ll give it to the dog? Yes.

To eat? Yes.

Oh, why don’t you keep it?

Its eye is blind..can’t be taken care of.

It bites people.. ‘curse

Do you like donkeys?

I like donkeys..female donkeys.

Male donkeys will kick & throw off those who ride them.

This one is also so naughty..

Really? Yes.

Don’t bite. It bites.

Okay, ‘house’ it.

‘House’ it?

Come, Abdulai, to ‘house it.

You and I..


It ‘arr arr arrs’ ( brays )…

Now it isn’t ‘arr-ing’….

It misses its own mother.

Shamai…I’m closing the door. Get out!

This donkey was put down 4 days after filming, one week after Mother’s Day.

چهار روز بعد از فلمپوری و یک هفته بعد از روزی مادر , این خر حلال شد

This clip depicts a child’s fondness for this common work animal in Afghanistan and partly reflects the realities of life and death in Afghanistan.


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