Our Journey to Smile

Is life in Afghanistan tasty?‎

life in Afg is tasty

Life in Afghanistan is tasty to Salim

Please watch Afghan boy Salim at :


What’s your name?

Mohammad Salim

Is life tasty or not? Yes.

Did you understand my question?

What is tasty? Rice.

Rice? Yes.

What else?

Say something else..

Meat is tasty.

Meat is also tasty huh..

Is life tasty? Yes.

What else? What else do you like?

Huh? What else do you like?

‘Noon-tar’….’malta’ ( orange )?

‘Noon-tar’ ….‘Motar’…

‘Motar’ ( car )?

No, ‘noon-tar’( wet bread )

Don’t they say ‘noon-tar’ ( wet bread )?

‘Noon’ ( bread )? Yes.

‘Noon-e-tar’ ( bread that is wet by soup )…Yes.

What else?

What else? Nothing else.

Huh? Nothing else is tasty.

Thank you. Thank you.

Be well….be well.

Be alive….be alive.

Life in Afghanistan is tasty.


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