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Afghans counter US deaths figure: isn’t it tiring to hear humans quarrel over violent ‎deaths?‎

children civilian victims

Isn’t it tiring to hear humans quarrel over violent deaths?

Which law, international, national or religious, specifically allows air raids in a foreign, sovereign country with impunity? And ashamedly, accommodates ‘legalistic’ disputes over the number of civilians killed?

140…20 to 30…97…..weren’t these once human beings with living hopes and wishes?

Has the inner law of humanity’s conscience been permanently quenched in the current culture of war?

Are insurgencies and counter-insurgencies exercises of justice or exercises of hate?

Shouldn’t we stop?

Or is it that ‘civilizations’ cannot stop perpetuating violence?

Some are asking, “Who on earth are the insurgents?”

If ‘superpowers’ cannot solve their own cross border and home-grown narcotics problems, what makes them think they can solve Afghanistan’s?

BBC Report 26/5/2009

A report by the independent human rights commission in Afghanistan says 97 civilians were killed in a US air attack earlier this month.

The figure differs from that of the US military, which says it believes 20 to 30 civilians may have been among up to 90 people killed.

The deaths occurred in the province of Farah, during a battle between Afghan and US security forces, and insurgents.

President Karzai says civilian deaths are boosting support for insurgents.

The report by Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission – AIHRC – is also very different from earlier Afghan government figures, which said up to 140 civilians died in the US air attack.

This independent commission says it believes that the vast majority of those killed in Bala Baluk district were not armed insurgents, but children.

After a week-long study, the report’s initial conclusion is that 65 children and 21 women died in the US air attack, along with 11 adult male civilians.

The air strike took place after insurgents attacked Afghan police positions.

The commission says a group of up to 300 militants knowingly placed civilians at risk by sheltering in their houses.

But it accuses the US military of an excessive response.

It says: “AIHRC believes that the level of force used by pro-government forces, particularly in the follow-up air strikes, was disproportionate.”

The Americans’ own investigation concluded that US forces acted appropriately.


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