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Gates evokes WWII unity, resolve in Afghan fight: Gates evokes our 100% Afghan sorrows
June 15, 2009, 6:02 am
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gates and the war cross

Perfect lines of white crosses curving behind him, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates used a somber visit to the graves of thousands of American dead from World War II to appeal Wednesday for similar unity and resolve in the current war in Afghanistan. AP 10/6/09

I was tempted yet again not to respond to these un-laudable instincts of Mankind, but though we can kill people, we cannot kill conscience.


And that conscience demands exposure.


We mustn’t condone the silly pride we have over the dead.


We have become so un-imaginative, un-creative and in-humane that we have to coerce others to be unified in war!


No country would ever have the moral courage to look hard at why it has ‘enemies’.


The existence of enmity is always completely the fault of the enemy. The haughty illogic is that the hated never did anything to incur such hate. The hated is 100% right. The hater is 100% wrong. So, we end up with the dilemma that America is 100% right in its own eyes and 100% wrong in the Taliban’s eyes and the Taliban is 100% right in its own eyes and 100% wrong in America’s eyes.
Even if I suggested that America or Taliban could be 1% wrong, I would immediately be seen as an American or Taliban ‘hater’ or ‘enemy’, because each of them, being 100% extreme in their views, will not accept any possibility of error and so to both, I must be wrong.


And even if America viewed the Taliban as 100% wrong and 110% ‘enemies’, they could at least not defile the belief that some of their Cross-tian citizens, including their Cross-tian presidents have, to ‘love your enemies’.


So the Taliban calls for unity against America and America calls for unity against the Taliban.


I’m already going in circles and that’s how it is. Circles of self-defeating deception, violence and death.


And how did we get such un-educated language that described a horrid scenario as ‘perfect’, ‘white crosses’, ‘somber’, ‘appeal’ ‘unity’ and ‘resolve’, from both an educated leader and I presume, an educated AP journalist.


It evokes nothing but vomit in me. And I wish 100% that it brings out the vomit in you too. If it doesn’t, you would have un-knowingly leaned towards the 100% WWII unity Gates called for.


By the way, in order to get rid of all the ‘safe havens’ and ‘sanctuaries’ of the ‘enemies’ in a land with porous mountains, villages and ordinary people, Gates would have to annihilate 100% of Afghanistan and thus visit more ‘perfect cross-es’.


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