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Father’s Day in Afghanistan

father's day in Afg

Father’s Day in Afghanistan

Listen to the hopes of 2 Afghan kids and 2 Afghan fathers in Father’s Day in Afghanistan


How are you? I’m fine.

What do you want from your father? Candies.

What else? Nothing.

Salam ( peace )! Aleikum salam ( peace to you too)!

How are you? I’m fine.

Do you know that today is Father’s Day? No.

Today, Father’s Day, what do you want from your father? Nothing.

Salam ( peace)! Salam, Mr Hakim.

Don’t be tired. Be well, Mr Hakim.

Be alive. Are you healthy and well?

Congratulations to you today!

Be at peace, for what?

For Father’s Day.

Father…a very auspicious day, significant..

Did you know? No, I didn’t.

Afghan culture is un-developed.

I didn’t know.

You are the father of how many children?

Four. 2 daughters and 2 sons.

What message do you have for others fathers in the world?

My message for other fathers is : Come, help Afghan fathers to nurture their children & help to increase their ‎knowledge

Father, salam! Salam!

How are you? Are you well?

I’m fine. Be well.

You are the father of how many children?


What wishes do you have for your children?

They should work, work hard, understand?

They should go to Mecca and Karbala.

What do you hope for Afghanistan?

I hope that there won’t be trouble, there’ll be peace.

That the Taliban will not come again. I hope for peace.

You have ‘eaten’ many years. What wish do you have for the rest of your life?

I wish to work always, and travel to other cities, Mecca, Karbala..

I don’t have any other wish…the world lasts just 3 days…

We wish that your wishes will come true.

Have a good day. You too.

Thank you. Be alive. Be at peace. Be honourable.

The average life span for males in Afghanistan is 44.

Most men are farmers.


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