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Afghan peace needs a human face IV : Afghan war veteran Rick Reyes’s testimony ‎before US Congress


Please watch Rick Reyes’s full testimony before Congress


A PDF transcript of Rick Reyes’s testimony can be found at :


It seldom harms to re-think problems, especially if it involves the lives and deaths of many.

It certainly doesn’t harm to re-empathize.

Excerpt of Interview on Uprising Radio

Sonali: And, how common is your sentiment, your questioning of the Afghanistan War among veterans and also troops currently serving in Afghanistan, you think?

Rick: It’s funny because when I delivered my statement in front of the Foreign Relations Committee, after all was said and done, one of the other panelists came – I’m not going to say which one – came to me to thank me for delivering my statement and admitted that they all feel the same way but for some reason no one wants to say anything about it. I’ve been able to talk to some of the guys I’ve served with and, at first, they were, they just didn’t agree with my outlook but after they gave it some thought and started to realize what was happening, now I have their full support. So, amongst veterans, I think the sentiment is very common but most aren’t coming out and saying anything.


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