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The tsunami of lies is now a condoned custom in Afghanistan and the world

elections in Afg

Please watch Ali in “The tsunami of lies is now a condoned custom in Afghanistan and the world”


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In the background is a tent of the Afghan presidential election campaign

Salam (peace)! Salam to you!

How are you? Fine & well?

Be strong. Be well.

What do you think, Ali, in the world now, do most people lie or tell the truth?

Most people have become very ‘wrong’ and they lie.Everywhere you go, every issue is very confusing.

Has lying also become a custom in Afghanistan?

Yes,it has become a custom.

It wasn’t like that before. Lying has only recently become a custom.

How has it become a custom?

A custom in a sense of lying.

True matters are turned into lies. Matters are ‘lengthened’ into a mix of truths and lies.

Why? From lies, people gain power.And money too.

Before another, he demands money & then he asks money from you too.

So you give him money & he takes from the other too, right?

This is how it really is

Be successful & be at peace.

You too. A world of thanks. We’re grateful to be alive.

Can Ali find truth in a worldwide tsunami of customary lies?

The tsunami of lies is now a condoned custom in Afghanistan and the world

Afghans know who the father of lies is.

So do most people of various religious inclinations everywhere. That means that for many people, in both the spiritual and physical world, lies are an ancient problem.

Why should Ali think then, that lying has only recently become a custom, a habit, a tradition?

Has it not always been so?

If widespread lying was a recent ‘development’ in Afghanistan, what fuelled it?

But then, Ali never lived in the ancient past, so he can’t claim infallible authority that lying wasn’t already in vogue from way before.

If there were historical records, he may be able to take the historian’s word for it ( if the historian wasn’t a liar ), that so and so lied and so and so told the truth. Or from circumstantial outcomes that make it to writing/print.

And he can’t comment on the practice in other countries either, though he thinks that most people all over the world ‘have become very wrong and they lie’ amidst a ‘very confusing’ ‘everywhere-you-go’ situation.

So, let’s just wonder about the implications of this newly established custom for the recent past and the now.

Generally speaking, a practice becomes a custom when most people in that society finds it acceptable, sometimes even valuable or likeable. It also generally is deemed ‘naturally legal’ by those who celebrate it.

So, what happened in the recent past to make lying globally acceptable, likeable and even naturally legal?

Perhaps, a major, significant tide of lies and their condoning had erupted, especially if it had involved a famous personality. Better still, for fashion and hype, someone elected to head what may be deemed or claimed to be the most ‘democratic’ supermodel in early 21st century.

And pow! Wow! This tsunami did erupt. A band of lies was unleashed. “Shock and awe bombing of Baghdad”!

“Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.” Eve of Iraq War 17th March 2003

“My fellow citizens, at this hour American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.” Bush on 19th March 2003

It truly was tsunami-like in that it hit and ran.

Lie. And run. Then, it’s past. Over.

“We are prone to let our mental life become invaded by legions of half truths, prejudices, and propaganda. To save man from the morass of propaganda, in my opinion, is one of the chief aims of education.” Martin Luther King Jr

Even though its human cost richter scale placed far from its origin across the oceans in Iraq is by now swinging past the hundreds of thousands. Dead Americans, British and not to mention even sort of by-the-way, Iraqis.

In fact, most people aren’t too interested in keeping count anymore.

This tsunami tide was a culmination of years of a tectonic build-up of powers, and “make no mistake”, was not held together by just one person. It needed many plates and lots of pressure.

It needed the complicit condoning or acquiescence of the general masses for its destructive transmission and continued tragedy. That is, it needed us to stand by and do nothing. Or for us to actively albeit unknowingly extend its tentacles to kill, kill and kill.

I mean, lies are sheer hard work to upkeep.

In the wake of a tsunami, there is a period of silence. The silence of life-lessness and death. Shell-shock. Wave-shock. “ Shock and awe”.

We’re glad and encouraged that the world didn’t just stand by and watch the flattened and washed grounds of the December 2004 tsunami.

But I’m afraid that with the 2003 Iraq tsunami of lies, there has been a general lethargy upheld by the world’s justice system.

It was almost as if the Iraq war lies were an act of God. Hush hush. Don’t question. Never question God.

Now, accept it as law. Say it’s okay. Or use the equally fashionable word impunity. At most, throw a shoe and be imprisoned for it.

Fantastically, not only is it now an axiom that we can get away with lies with great pomp and power and money to top it all up, we can also later ‘glorify’ in the ‘liberation’ it brings to its poor, poor survivors.

It’s like God, watching over Indonesia after Nature struck, thinking “Look how my wonderful power freed these masses from their abject living conditions.”

So, it has become a a new custom because it became presidentially, state-ly, religiously and humanly okay.

Come along British poodle! Go for it, all other world leaders! Frame it with the magic words, like ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and ‘democratic elections in Afghanistan’!

And forget even about apologies for lives lost ( how many again..?) for the deceptively ‘worthy’ cause. That’ll be a weak admission that the lying was somehow wrong.

But Afghans are dying. Not merely physically with one of the highest infant and maternal mortalities in the world and one of the lowest average life spans of 44. Afghans are dying on the inside too. Do you hear? “We’re grateful to be alive” but we are dying.

Truth and children are dying in this age of war and lies.

But if an Afghan’s death isn’t much to us, at least we should listen to and act upon our conscience.

‘The moral decline we are compelled to witness, and the suffering it causes, are so oppressive one can’t ignore them for a moment. No matter how deeply one immerses oneself in work, a haunting feeling of inescapable tragedy persists.”Albert Einstein to the Queen of Belgium

Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it. Albert Eisntein

Lying doesn’t seem wrong anymore . In fact, it’s a new custom, condoned by the establishment and the masses, you and I. And Ali. We have impunity.

“No man shall ram the towers of yesterday and escape the falling stones. No one shall open the floodgates of his ancestors without drowning. Kahlil Gibran

So, some people may say, “Don’t be silly, you can’t turn the tide. You will drown trying to, even in dry, land-locked Afghanistan.”

“I want to declare to the world, although I may have forfeited the regard of many friends in the West and I must bow my head low; but even for their friendship or love I must not suppress the voice of conscience – promoting of my inner basic nature today. There is something within me impelling me to cry out my agony. I have known humanity. I have studied something of psychology. Such a man knows exactly what it is. I do not mind how you describe it. That voice within tells me, “You have to stand against the whole world although you may have to stand alone. You have to stare in the face the whole world although the world may look at you with bloodshot eyes. Do not fear. Trust the little voice residing within your heart.” Ghandi

lies in Afg


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