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Afghans ‘democratically’ elect between ‘old’ and ‘new’‎

Afghans democratically elect between old and new

Please watch 4 Afghan boys choose between the donkey and the motorcycle in

Afghans ‘democratically’ elect between ‘old’ and ‘new’


Transcript of video

Where are you going?

To the bazaar ( city ).

In Afg, is the donkey or the motorcycle better?

The motorcycle.

Why? It’s fast.

What happened to my motorcycle seat (or saddle)? It’s damaged.

Is a motorcycle or a donkey better?

A motorcycle….a motorcycle.

But your motorcycle brays as well as a donkey!

Oosh! Oosh! ( Stop in donkey language )
Salam ( peace).Good morning! What’s your name?

Mohammad. Allah Dad.

What do you think, in Afg, is the donkey better or the motorcycle?

The motorcycle.

Why? Why? At a slope,we can step on the motorbike’s accelerator and we’ll get up the slope.

Salam ( peace )! Don’t be tired.

Be well! Are you well? Are you strong?

Where are you going?After water

Are you fetching water? Yes.

How much water? This many containers of water.

In your opinion, in Afg, is the donkey better or the motorcycle? Both!

Which is better? The donkey!

Afghans ‘democratically’ elect between ‘old’ and ‘new’

An Afghan proverb ‘An old donkey but a new saddle’


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