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What Mankind wishes to do today, in or out of Afghanistan : A humanitarian appeal for creative human ‎concern in Afghanistan‎
September 1, 2009, 8:34 am
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What do you wish to do today in Afghanistan


Please watch 13 year old Zekerullah talk about what he thinks of doing when he awakes ( 40 seconds )


Every day, today, when we awake to our present civilizations, it seems that many of us just want to win in everything, for ourselves, and at all cost.

Not Zekerullah. This 13 year old Afghan boy, whose name means ‘mention’ ( Zeker ) of God, just wants to work and be happy.

Despite today’s mass communication technology, Zekerullah’s contrite wish matters to very few people, perhaps to none except God.

As a humanitarian worker who has lived among Afghans for 7 years, I appeal to our dis-connected world of today for a creative human concern.

A creative concern courageous enough to re-define victory because Mankind has had a definition too narrow and self-defeating for Afghan and other children to emulate, for far too long.

A creative concern that can momentously change the paradigm of losing or winning because it believes that when we opt primarily for Mankind’s welfare, we can never lose.

A creative concern that will refrain from war because war un-artistically paints corpses rather than the mountains, stars and rivers all around. .

A creative concern that would moderate the polarizing anti-war or pro-war views for a pro-human compassion.

A creative concern that stops feeding fears for one’s personal security which arise from a profound lack of friendship with ordinary Afghans who desperately want peace.

A creative concern that generates work and industry for un-employed, impoverished Afghans to give them a future hope.

A creative concern, in the Afghan quagmire of unknowns and violent ‘mysteries’, that does not insist it alone is right.

A creative concern that listens to, cries for and struggles against the games of fraud and injustice Afghans live with every day.

A creative concern that will not bend to partisan politics because the Afghan commoner has a human heart which isn’t comforted by sectarian power.

A creative concern that chooses not to always vote for power and wealth but to choose kinder, happier days for hurting Afghans and troopers dying daily in Afghanistan.

A creative concern that acknowledges the human presence in Zekerullah and others mentioned by God, the harsh realities he faces and the meek wishes he has.


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