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Afghan peace needs a human face VI : Zahra an Afghan girl speaks, rather nervously‎

zahra speaks

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Do you commonly hear and see a young Afghan girl speaking?

We have been trying to give voice to the ordinary Afghan girl. We are grateful to Zahra for her humble and dignified words.

Zahra an Afghan girl speaks, rather nervously


In the Name of God the Forgiver

Peace to all friends in all corners of the world

Peace. Without peace, there won’t be any kind of happiness on earth.

Peace is a desired condition that makes possible an inner life of rest.

In your opinion, is peace possible in Afghanistan?


Who can bring peace to Afghanistan?

The youth and people of Afghanistan.

What message of peace do you have for youth in other parts of the world?

My message is: everyone in the world should be peace-loving & be committed to work for peace and a world that’s peaceful.

Zahra the Afghan girl speaks for peace!

Note : Afghanistan has the second highest rate of maternal mortality in the world, after Niger. 1,600 out of every 100,000 pregnant women die in Afghanistan each year because of poor health facilities.