Our Journey to Smile

Afghan peace needs a human face I toV : Thanks from Afghan faces of peace Abdulai, Raziq, ‎Aziz and Shir Ali

thanks from Abdulaithanks from Abdulai

On behalf of our Afghan friends, thank you so much for encouraging them with your emails.

Please watch them say their heartfelt thanks.


Abdulai : Thank you for sending the letters

Raziq : Thank you for your emails.

Aziz : Thanks for the emails you sent.

Shir Ali : Thank you for sending me letters. Made me happy!

تشکر!  Thanks!

What you’ve done for them is invaluable.

Because though these ‘forgotten’ friends don’t expect anyone to think about them, they yearn to be remembered.

Because though peace is ‘an elusive exasperation’ when war is all around, Afghans long for those quiet and warm connections that make us human.

I’ve posted some of these wonderful ‘connections’ below.

We ask for your understanding as we always need time to get replies from our Afghan friends; they do not have internet access or computers and no easy access to electricity.

abdulai and seedlings

Abdulai growing some seedlings in used tyres

Dear Abdulai,

I really enjoyed your video and all the videos from Our Journey To Smile. I am 14 years old from the United States and on our news channels they never show any of Afghanistan’s children speaking. This is the first time I have heard voices of the Afghan people and seen the beauty of Afghanistan. Someday, I wish I can travel to Bamiyan to see the beautiful place in these videos. Please keep smiling and never give up your hope, because all youth are the future of the world.

Peace be with you.


Dear Elisa,

I was very happy to receive your letter.

Thank you for enjoying the video.

I am about 13 years old. Afghan children, like myself, don’t know their dates of birth.

I hope that you will come to visit me in Bamiyan. I will serve you some black tea. J

Take care and God bless you.


raziq his brother and flowers

Raziq with his brother and beloved flowers

Dear Raziq,

Oh that everyone in the world were friends. War is bad and we hate to hear of people in Afghanistan suffering because of war. Flowers make me happy. When I look at a flower I thank God for the beauty of creation. I love growing flowers and vegetables.

Your friend,

John Broadbent

Dear John,

Thank you for your email.

Where are you from? I am very happy to have a new friend!

I planted cauliflowers, onions, turnips, radish, cabbages and flowers this year.

God bless and take care.

Hope to see you someday.


Aziz through the trees

Aziz through the trees

Afghans are undefeatable because they are very special

Rashida B Syed

Hello Rashida,

Thank you very much.


Aziz in Afghanistan

Shir Ali in the cold

Shir Ali in the cold

I find responses like these from everyday Afghani’s to inspirational and uplifint :] It feels my soul with happiness and hope.

Tali Sakamoto

Dear Tali Sakamoto,

Thank you. I am happy that you saw my video. I wish you peace.

Shir Ali in Afghanistan