Our Journey to Smile

Volunteer رضاکاران ‏


We are looking for volunteers. Our entire set-up in Afghanistan and internationally is VOLUNTEER based.


A. Bamiyan Journey Volunteers, one from every nation of the world.

  1. To go to the World Heritage Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan on International Peace Day, 21st of September 2009, in support of Afghan college students in Our Journey to Smile.

Volunteers will also need to attend a Humane Relations conference before the 21st of September 2009 (date and place of conference to be decided). This is necessary to build Our Journey to Smile and to understand and nurture each other’s lives.

2. Be committed to encouraging Humane Relations : Our Journey to Smile in their respective countries, through various long-term, voluntary activities.

ما میخواهیم رضاکاران ازهرکشورجهان :

1- باید بیایند دربامیان درکناربودای بامیان همراه با جوانان ومحصلین دانشگاه افغانستان در21 سپتمبر روزجانی صلح .

رضاکاران بین المللی باید حاضر شوند دریک کنفرانس عمومی قبل از21 سپتمبر وتاریخ ومحل این کنفرانس بعد ها تعیین خواهد شد .

2- رضاکاران باید بیاد داشته باشند که فعالیت های صلح ورابطه انسانیت را درکشورخود نیز اجراء نمایند .


Criteria for Bamiyan Journey Volunteers :

  • Our Journey to Smile involves no monetary benefit / profit / salary.
  • Volunteers are fully responsible for their own safety.
  • Individual expenses will be borne by the volunteers themselves. They may raise funds for themselves, but not receive funds from political or religious groups.
  • Our Journey to Smile has no political or religious agenda, therefore NO politicians or affiliates of political groups and religious professionals will be considered.
  • Volunteers should not insist that their way of thinking, doing and living is THE best or the only or right way.
  • Volunteers must be prepared to live with ANY nationality.

شرط رضاکاران :

– این کارامتیازمالی درپی ندارد .

– مسئولیت امنیت رضاکاران بعهده خودشان میباشد .

– مصارف سفربعهده خود رضاکاران میباشد .

– رضاکاران میتوانند بودجه جذب نمایند برای خود وبه شرط اینکه بودجه آن ازحذب سیاسی ومذهبی نباشد .

– این کارهیچ هدف وانگیزه سیاسی ومذهبی نداشته وبه اساس رضاکاران نباید دخیل درسیاست وسردمدارمذهب باشد .

– رضاکاران نباید اسرار نمایند که روش فکروطرزدیدگاه شان بهترین راه وروش باشند .

– رضاکاران باید آماده باشند تا با همه نوع نژاد ، ملیت ها ولسان ها همگام شوند .


B. Support Volunteers

Support volunteers can

1. Help spread the message of Our Journey to Smile

This will be through the volunteers’ own network of friends. The wider the spread, the wider the scale of Smiles and Humane Relations we will encourage.

2. Stay in contact with us

Our on-line volunteers will look into establishing a system of updating support volunteers.

Until such a system of a regular email alerts or updates is set up, we request support volunteers to visit the site regularly for updates.

3. Encourage with letters to Afghans

Write or leave comments to encourage Afghans

4. Share experiences on-line

This would add to the Journey through real stories on humane actions and peace building from various countries eg on inter-racial harmony


Those interested to be either Bamiyan Journey Volunteers or Support Volunteers should email us at


Those interested to be Bamiyan Journey Volunteers should additionally fill up and attach the Bamiyan Journey Volunteer Application Form in their email to us.

کسایکه علاقمند است میتوانند با ما درتماس شوند .


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