Our Journey to Smile

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VENUE World Heritage Bamiyan Buddhas

LOCATION Bamiyan Afghanistan

DATE 21 September 2009

Our Journey to Smile in 2009 wishes to gather Afghan college students and Afghan youth from every ethnicity, as well as international volunteers from every country, to come together at the World Heritage Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan on International Peace Day, 21st September 2009, to be an example and encouragement to the world that wide-scale humane relations based on a humane love is possible, however in-humane our current global situation may be.

So, we ask every one of you, to join or support Our Journey to Smile, knowing that the cumulative hope and conscience of humanity, once communally expressed on a wide enough scale, would demonstrate a love that inspires Mankind to grow and to be compassionately humane.                                                                                                              

In 2009 AD, Afghanistan is in the depth of world conflict and self-interest.

Whatever our fellow humans, Obama or Osama or others, decide, the college students and youth of Afghanistan, together with all of humanity, wish to to encourage ourselves and others to SMILE.

By smiling, we are grieving over Mankind’s proud, in-humane and self-absorbed behavior. We seek to raise the possibility of a humane love by building wide scale humane relationships and thus enjoy the growth of a majority public practice of humanity’s shared hopes.

We hope to put courage and dignity into our lives and our world, to put delight into the hearts of children and all of Mankind, to suggest that whatever our shared condition, a HUMANE LOVE is possible.

While the US, NATO, Taliban and all other players decide what to do with a country that is not theirs and with a world that does not belong only to them, is there ANY ONE PERSON who understands what the common, average citizen of Afghanistan or citizen of the world wishes for?

Some say realistically but sadly, ‘this Journey will NOT happen….

What they are saying is ,’ Genuine love, humanity and peace belong only to the poets and the fables. Humanity doesn’t have what it takes.’

It’s sad because both Afghans and the world need encouragement.

It’s sad because reality, perhaps life itself, seems keen for us to remain frozen in the timid beliefs that humanity cannot have the HUMANE RELATIONS which the majority of us want, that the small minority of decision-makers must always have their self-interested ways.

We want to address our own cynicism, to try, to face disappointment, to take our small steps, believing that when we embark on Our Journey to Smile, humanity has to grow and will not shrink back to its unsure and undignified days.


سفر ما طرف لبخند

رابطه انسانیت

محصلین که ازاقوام مختلف ساکن درافغانستان

ازتمام رضاکاران بین المللی

میراث ارزشمند جهانی بودای بامیان

روزجهانی صلح

21 سپتمیر


سفر لبخند ازقدیم که مسیررشد را طی مینمایند .

آغاز لبخند صرف یک منبع, دوستی ،

تشویق ،اندوه و


یک مهفوم باشد .

حبیب, مردم افغانستان وجهان آرزو دارند که لبخند بزند ،

باوجودیکه قلب ما شکسته هم است با آنهم باید انسانیت داشته باشیم

وازهم بپرسیم که


محبت ولبخند مانند یک کبوتردرپیرامون ما پروازبتوانند

این یک تخیل نیست بلکه حقیقتی است که ما به آن نیازمند هستیم .




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