Our Journey to Smile

Volunteer Application Form درخواست نامه

Bamiyan Journey Volunteer Application Form for OUR JOURNEY TO SMILE

Full Name :

Age :

Country of Residence :

Nationality :

Ethnic group/roots :

Present occupation :

Voluntary/ humanitarian work experience ( if any ) :

Email address :

I declare that :

( ) I am not a government official, politician, religious professional or affiliate of any political groups

( ) I understand that this is a voluntary project with no profit/salary/ monetary incentives involved.

( ) I undertake all personal financial expenses involved in the project (either through personal funds or through personal fund raising ) * Applicants who have genuine problems in this area should state so below.

( ) I undertake full responsibility towards any untoward event or accident or death while participating in the project.

* ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Date of application : ___________________

We would like you to introduce yourself by writing on the following. Please keep each answer to less than 500 words.

1. Your thoughts on a quotation by Albert Einstein. “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

2. How can Humane Relations : Our Journey to Smile be useful to you personally and to your community?

3. What is your personal life philosophy?


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